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Do you have FOMO? The Fear of Missing Out.

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Judy |,, 310.215.9975

134Who knew? I just read about this new term. And I thought those of us in the news business were the multi-taskers. Well, maybe we are just the original FOMOs. Technology and mobile devices are making multitask experts and FOMOs out of all of us. Although more common with the millennium generation who would rather text or Facebook than focus on one thing. Least of all, a challenging conversation! The question to ask, “Do we really want to be wired and connected every minute?” It is a choice.


Posted on July 24, 2014 by Judy |,, 310.215.9975

mouth“Am I a good listener?” How do you respond when an associate or acquaintance asks for your advice? A high powered colleague recently called to get my professional opinion about her listening skills. Two people had complained about one of the most essential keys to good communication, relationship building and sales.

Clients retain us to make improvements with their teams. What happens, though, when someone who isn’t writing a check asks for your expertise? Do you risk the friendship by giving them your best advice?

I paused for a couple of beats before responding to her, “You are a good listener when you aren’t talking, in fact, you retain information very well.” Pause. I stopped talking to let her think about the feedback. She finally asked for an explanation. After a few examples of how she talks over and to people, she heard it. Instead of connective communication, she was delivering monologues. I provided her some exercises to practice, including taping herself in conversation.

Powerful listening skills are the most challenging skills we coach.Yet, if you are in the business of influence, you will reap rewards personally and professionally by developing the ability to listen.


  • - Top sales people, rain makers and even parents who are aware, listen to the answers and build the conversation around them. The best listeners hear what is not being said.
  • - Developing your listening skills is one of your best assets. It is a quality that catapults you above the crowd.  You won’t find much competition.

Communication is a Costly Drain

Posted on July 23, 2014 by Judy |,, 310.215.9975

moneyThe headline, Communication is a Costly Drain, appeared several years ago as a result of a study conducted by Deloitte & Touche and USA Today. Poor communication was costing companies 15% of profits annually. Email had entered the mainstream of business communication.  Today’s lack of communication is estimated to cost companies a staggering $37 billion.

Managers who try to manage by email, sales team who try to sell by email or leaders who say they don’t have time to communicate are the reasons forsome of the biggest financial loses today. Email serves a purpose, no doubt. In fact, we couldn’t function without it. If you want to lead, manage, engage, build rapport or make the sale, go in person or pick up phone. Face-to-face communication is the highest form, telephone second and email last.

Video is soaring in popularity for business development and brand awareness today. It helps Social Media and Website viewers get a sense of you, your style, credibility and likability to connect. Four years ago, we launched video productionwhich helped companies take advantage of my TV interviewing skills to showcase executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and their sales team. Communication is everything!

Five Top Tips to Improve Your Pitch Power

Posted on July 16, 2014 by Judy |,, 310.215.9975

Tip #5

Emotional Connectivity: The entertainment industry and ad agencies get it. These industries understand and reflect the value of emotion and the creative story process more than any other business. Your pitch needs a storyline. Yes, story board it, rehearse it and deliver it with style. Forget winging or adlibbing. You will find your pitch redundant or worse yet, you’ll be asking yourself, “Why didn’t I say…?” Or,” I wish I would have said.” Ouch!

Practice these “5 Es” to enhance your pitch power and green light your next project. Remember, it is all about practicing “show biz” techniques to sell.