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On Trend: Executive Presence is Hot!

Posted on February 4, 2016 by admin |,, 310.215.9975

The career requirement for executives with presence is getting hotter. Rising stars and C-Suite executives are seeking the career advantage by developing their executive presence in exclusive customized processes.

Why and who needs it? Here’s a client example: A rising tech star, Justin, (not his real name) was positioned for an accelerated leadership role. His skills qualified him for the job description, but one key quality was missing to secure the position; executive presence. Startegic created an exclusive program over a 30 day period to help him look, act, think, talk and project a leader’s image. With development of his leadership style and executive presence, he scored the job.

That’s not the end of Justin’s story, though, his career continues to escalate.  He called again to retain Startegic’s services to help him land his next promotion. This time, he made a special request, “For people like me who are in a hurry, have you considered a three or five day intensive program?” I am pleased to announce Startegic’s Three Day Executive Presence Intensive in 2016. Brilliant! We didn’t think of it ourselves, our client expressed a need and we are meeting it. Maybe we should name the “Intensive” after Justin.

Listen to your clients and they will tell you how you can best serve their goals. Avoid getting stuck in your own success. The tendency is to stay in our comfort zone or defend our current business model. Instead, ask, “Why not?” Or, “How can we make this happen?” Helping your clients grow will help your business evolve and keep satisfied clients coming back.

Go and grow in 2016!


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Judy’s Take: Elvis and Steve Jobs

Posted on February 4, 2016 by admin |,, 310.215.9975

elvis1With two decades of experience helping individuals transform their careers, businesses and relationships, we’ve studied the “Why” certain people surpass their goals and dreams. These individuals are powerful centers of influence, attract influential people, make an impact and create affluence.

One of the Startegic processes helps clients understand the proven principles that catapult ordinary success to extraordinary.On January 8th the “King of Rock and Roll” would have celebrated his 81st birthday. You read it right. Elvis Presley discovered “Who” he was early in life. He knew his “Why” and lived it. I met Elvis on nine different occasions, and even as a young woman just starting out in life, I could feel his innate star power.

Elvis left the building permanently on August 16th, 1977. The Presley Estate, at the time, was valued at $10 million. Today, the estimated value exceeds $300 million. Elvis influenced the musicians of his day and his style of rock ‘n roll continues to influence generations of musicians. His influential impact shook up the world of music. Life Magazine described Elvis as a cultural icon. The USPS released their second Elvis Presley stamp on August 12, 2015 . Attracting legions of fans around the globe and more imitators than any performer, the “King” lives on.

Steve Jobs, also lived his “Why.” You never read anything about his personal brand and style without seeing the word “charisma” attached to the legend. Life Magazine’s said of Jobs,  “He remains at the vanguard of this revolution: a visionary à la [Thomas] Edison and a promoter à la [P.T.] Barnum. Just what any revolution needs.”

His vision and innovation, along with partner Steve Wozniak, influenced the world and changed our lives.  Jobs projected his personal brand through speaking, and with the help from the media, the innovator shined as brightly as the Apple brand.

Both Elvis and Mr. Jobs were originals. Each man, like most of us, had their imperfections and yet achieved “once in a lifetime” influence with their star power, embraced their originality and lived with purpose. Though both of these forces flamed out prematurely, in their brief time on this planet they created influential lasting legacies.

Most of us will not become a cultural icon or impact the world with our innovation, yet each one of us has the opportunity to influence and change the lives of the people in our world. If you are not unleashing your innate original star qualities and living your life with purpose, the question is, “Why?”

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LinkedIn’s CEO gets Communication

Posted on October 16, 2015 by Judy |,, 310.215.9975

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 01: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner participates in a question-and-answer interview during the seventh annual Washington Ideas Forum at the Harman Center for the Arts October 1, 2015 in Washington, DC. Weiner talked about LinkedIn's partnerships with online education groups and connecting the world's workforce into one database during the forum, which was organized by The Atlantic and the Aspen Institute. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Are you or your business losing 15% of profits every year due to lack of communication? Ow, that hurts. Deloitte and USA conducted a study several years ago about the lack of communication in organizations. The results showed poor communication skills are an expensive problem. If you answered “Yes,” this estimate is probably low; the study took place long before everyone was texting instead of talking.

LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner is a CEO who gets it. So concretely that his description of leadership is broken down into three functions: Vision, Leadership and Communication. Read his direct quote here about communication from an article in Business Insider:

“The more people you’re responsible for, the more your words and the way you communicate those words and your body language and essentially everything you do is taken into consideration by the team,” he said. For the rest of article:

Companies are finally getting it: great communication is not a soft skill. It is essential to your profits and success. While we work in the C-Suite, a number of our clients are service professionals and entrepreneurs who taught us that the best invest in themselves and their teams. You have to know the majority of CEOs, politicians, speakers and experts in the media have been coached to speak, present and communicate. Yes, these are skills that can be learned. It starts with the desire to become an effective and engaging communicator to lead, inspire and develop business.

Stay tuned!

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How To Handle A Crisis

Posted on June 4, 2015 by Judy |,, 310.215.9975


“When, not if, a crisis happens, the media might be on the scene before we are.”

Crises appear in many forms: product recall, scandal, theft, chemical spills, lawsuits, sexual harassment, fraud, faulty equipment, financial ruin—the potential for crisis is limitless. Loss of life (e.g. airplane crashes, train derailments, explosions, fires, violence, natural disasters, bombings, life-threatening situations, including hostage takeover or kidnappings) are the most tragic and demand compassion.

The time to prepare for a crisis is now. An organization without a plan in the heat of a crisis will find themselves making costly mistakes. The unprepared CEO or spokesperson can project guilt, rather than confidence or compassion, because they don’t understand how to present the information or themselves to a pack of reporters and the public.

Some companies choose to ignore the media in crisis situations, a potentially damaging decision. Tell your story or your side of the story. If you don’t someone else will be talking for you.