Major Media Mistakes Will Cost You, Part 3

Part 3: Blaming the reporter: “That ##!!@## reporter never asked me the right questions!” Someone makes this statement in almost every one of our Media Coaching workshops. It isn’t the reporter’s job to ask you the right questions. Your responsibility is in the answers. How you respond to questions and what you say are the […]

Major Mistakes Will Cost You Money, Part 2

Part 2: Focusing on your history is another costly mistake. It can eat up your entire television segment! Even in your print interviews you might not get to your key points. Some people make the mistake of thinking they can add every detail in print articles. How you arrived at where you are today in […]

Major Media Mistakes Will Cost You

Part 1: Congratulations! Your pitch captured the media’s attention. You just received the call you have anticipated for weeks: “Can you be at the studio in three hours, camera-ready?” Or, they asked if they can send a reporter to your office in a couple of hours along with a still photographer? You’re exited! You call […]