Video Gone Bad

Posted on January 27, 2012 by Judy |,, 310.215.9975

In Case You Missed It: New CEO Thorsten Heins of RIM, maker of  BlackBerry, video announcement this week didn’t show well with investors, the media or fans of BlackBerry. They didn’t respond to RIM’s message or unfortunately, the messenger, Mr. Heins. The seasoned technology pro, did not seem prepared or ready for his “close up.” You can check out his video taped message for yourself on YouTube:

Some of the media descriptions generated less than favorable reviews: meandering, halting, slow and monotonous. Ouch! Where’s the good news? Ah, these challenges are fixable. And who doesn’t want to see themselves improve?

If you’re a professional, get coaching and be thoroughly prepared before you get in front of the camera for your Website videos, Youtube or media interviews. Your family and friends know you and love you the way you are. People’s first introduction to you in front of a camera including reporters, investors, analysts, clients, potential clients, decision makers and buyers want to see a confident, professional looking, talking and acting pro.

If you want to improve brand awareness and build positive buzz in the media and with your online video presence, preparation will help you project confidence, position your expertise, become more influential, win clients and customers and the public’s opinion. We will be starting a new “Video Tips and Techniques” series next week to help you win “favorable reviews.”

Stay tuned!

Judy Jernudd

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