How Experts Handle Rejection

Barbara Corcoran is right! Stop giving time and energy to rejection. Who are these people anyway and do they matter to you and your world? Probably not! Everyone from Hollywood actors to top CEOs feels the pain of rejection. People who exude confidence lack it at one time or another and linger longer over rejection. […]

Take Five with Judy

PRO-TIP 1:  We, the audience, can forgive a speaker for almost anything except making us feel uncomfortable for them. Anxiety translates nervousness and suggests the speaker is unprepared. PRO-TIP 2: One of our most highly-rated and popular processes is helping our clients in improve their confidence. Keep in mind, we work with high level individuals thereby proving that confidence development […]

Genuine Emotion Trumps Twerking

In this day when everyone, with the exception of possibly your grandmother, has a need to express every unspoken thought, it is rare to feel anyone’s emotion. Look, if words were all it took to influence people, Richard Nixon might have been elected the 35th President over John F. Kennedy. The famous, often studied, Kennedy-Nixon televised debate […]

Projecting the Brand Within the Brand

The Times They Are a-Changin. Bob Dylan had it right. And nothing is changing faster than how we brand, market and build business. The B-to-B model is more about P-to-P; People to People. Organizations are seeking help to build their personal brands within the brand. Leave it to Hollywood to jump first on projecting the […]

Do you have FOMO? The Fear of Missing Out.

Who knew? I just read about this new term. And I thought those of us in the news business were the multi-taskers. Well, maybe we are just the original FOMOs. Technology and mobile devices are making multitask experts and FOMOs out of all of us. Although more common with the millennium generation who would rather […]