On Trend: Executive Presence is Hot!

The career requirement for executives with presence is getting hotter. Rising stars and C-Suite executives are seeking the career advantage by developing their executive presence in exclusive customized processes. Why and who needs it? Here’s a client example: A rising tech star, Justin, (not his real name) was positioned for an accelerated leadership role. His […]

Judy’s Take: Elvis and Steve Jobs

With two decades of experience helping individuals transform their careers, businesses and relationships, we’ve studied the “Why” certain people surpass their goals and dreams. These individuals are powerful centers of influence, attract influential people, make an impact and create affluence. One of the Startegic processes helps clients understand the proven principles that catapult ordinary success […]

LinkedIn’s CEO gets Communication

Are you or your business losing 15% of profits every year due to lack of communication? Ow, that hurts. Deloitte and USA conducted a study several years ago about the lack of communication in organizations. The results showed poor communication skills are an expensive problem. If you answered “Yes,” this estimate is probably low; the study took place […]

How To Handle A Crisis

“When, not if, a crisis happens, the media might be on the scene before we are.” Crises appear in many forms: product recall, scandal, theft, chemical spills, lawsuits, sexual harassment, fraud, faulty equipment, financial ruin—the potential for crisis is limitless. Loss of life (e.g. airplane crashes, train derailments, explosions, fires, violence, natural disasters, bombings, life-threatening […]

Wisdom from Weight Watchers Co-founder Jean Nidetch

The 5 feet and seven inch 214 pound Jean Nidetch knew she had to do something about her compulsive eating. Like many people, she had tried fad dieting and other diets without success. In 1961 a moment of truth changed her life. A neighbor asked when her baby was due. She wasn’t pregnant. The wakeup call for the overweight […]