Judy’s Take: “I Cried, I Begged For Mercy and That’s What Saved My Job”

 ”People don’t commit to changing because they are a little bit in love with the way they have been. The best way to be is to be in love with the way you can be.“ Glenn Kelman, CEO of online real estate brokerage, Redfin, developed this philosophy from personal experience.”I cried, I begged for mercy and promised to change […]

“I Cried, I Beg For Mercy and That’s What Saved My Job”


Sister Maureen

If you get the opportunity to hear Sister Maureen Craig speak, take it. She is a cherished nun at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica, CA who delivers  powerful and inspirational messages to audiences everywhere. What makes her such an inspiring speaker? For starters, the 80-year old nun speaks without notes. She is witty, talks […]

Failure to Communicate Costly to Companies

This USA Today headline is from a study Deloitte and USA Today published several years ago. The study showed that a staggering 14% of each 40-hour workweek is wasted due to poor communication between staff and managers. That equates to seven workweeks lost every year.  Imagine what the price of ineffective communication is costing companies today. […]

Forgiveness is Liberating

The insightful quote, “There is no passion to be found playing small,” is one of the many inspirational messages Nelson Mandela gave to the world. No one lived a bigger life or contributed more to humanity than Mr. Mandela. The passing of this extraordinary political leader of freedom and champion of the human spirit is […]