How To Handle A Crisis

“When, not if, a crisis happens, the media might be on the scene before we are.” Crises appear in many forms: product recall, scandal, theft, chemical spills, lawsuits, sexual harassment, fraud, faulty equipment, financial ruin—the potential for crisis is limitless. Loss of life (e.g. airplane crashes, train derailments, explosions, fires, violence, natural disasters, bombings, life-threatening […]

Wisdom from Weight Watchers Co-founder Jean Nidetch

The 5 feet and seven inch 214 pound Jean Nidetch knew she had to do something about her compulsive eating. Like many people, she had tried fad dieting and other diets without success. In 1961 a moment of truth changed her life. A neighbor asked when her baby was due. She wasn’t pregnant. The wakeup call for the overweight […]

Raise Your Fees and Grow Your Business?

Not possible, you say. UPS has done exactly that to become more profitable. Take a look at the Business  & Tech section of today’s WSJ. We believe when your clients and customers understand the value and the results you will help them produce, higher fees are not a considering. At Startegic, we have never won […]

How Experts Handle Rejection

  Barbara Corcoran is right! Stop giving time and energy to rejection. Who are these people anyway and do they matter to you and your world? Probably not! Everyone from Hollywood actors to top CEOs feels the pain of rejection. People who exude confidence lack it at one time or another and linger longer over […]

Take Five with Judy

PRO-TIP 1:  We, the audience, can forgive a speaker for almost anything except making us feel uncomfortable for them. Anxiety translates nervousness and suggests the speaker is unprepared. PRO-TIP 2: One of our most highly-rated and popular processes is helping our clients in improve their confidence. Keep in mind, we work with high level individuals thereby proving that confidence development […]